Umbria Nightlife

Umbria Nightlife

A wide selection of evening entertainment

Nightlife in Umbria could be lived in different styles. Sip on some local wine while listening to real jazz music, drink pints of beer and laugh your heart out while chatting with friends, dance to canned music making your heart beat even faster, dine on a stone fountain or at some village eatery, or make it special for your close ones by spreading a glow throw the wick of a candle while you enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine on offer. The choice is very much yours.

Nightclubs in Umbria

If you planning to go clubbing with your friends, you do not really have to wear a navy blue or may be a red velvet robe to enter Velvet Discoteca. Wear a funky or particularly an Umbrian jazz t-shirt to Velvet, which is located in Perugia at Viale Roma. You can either hit on the dance floor or enjoy the view from a terrace that overlooks the entire crowd.

If your love for techno is never ending, or if you an American feeling home sick, hit Red Zone, in Perugia at Ponte Pattoli. It will give you a feel of Chicago and Detroit, clubbed with the extravagant New York atmosphere. Alternatively, try Crazy Bull Café at Via Palermo, a real American place to look out for in the heart of Umbria that offers you American cuisine and music besides serving Mediterranean and Italian cuisines as well.

Theatres in Umbria

Theatre lovers will never feel out of place with the enormous and splendid theatres like Communal Theatre Todi, Lyric Theatre, Teatro Romano, Sant’Eufemia, and many more.

Enjoying Umbria whilst the sun sets

Walk through those narrow medieval lanes under the starry sky, where the light from those ancient road lamps softens the old bricks, the sumptuous aroma of fresh herbs being cooked in a kitchen wafts pass your nose, and Italian music being played at some distance filling your heart with joy. What could possibly be more enchanting and charismatic than this when the sun sets in Umbria?

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