Activities in Umbria

Umbria Activities

Walking Expedition

The libraries in the town are known to boast some very old books and needless to say they are going to be a delight for bookworm tourists. They certainly are a must visit for the bookaholics.

If you happen to visit the town of Perugia you can enjoy a fantastic walking expedition. In the mornings one can take a long walk to the Collegio di Cambio, the Etruscan Well and the church of San Severo before taking breaks or stops for a while in each one of these destinations. Similarly one can fix convenient stops for the noontime walking expeditions with a stop at the city's restaurants that serve mouth watering Italian delights.

Evening time walks can be leisurely and relaxing too. One should of course need a road map and a compass for guidance for a successful walking trip. Also it is worth noting that the roads linking the towns of Umbria run in different directions and join in a haphazard way. These road mazes can be annoying if you are not following a map. Additionally, remember that the road signs are not very helpful; there are complaints that these are occasionally contradictory.

Visit Trasimeno

Trasimeno is the fourth largest lake of Italy. It is 128 sq. km long and at its deepest it is about 8 meters deep. The lake is fed by small torrents and is linked to the basin of the river Tiber through artificial subterranean emissaries. It is Perugia's own lake as it is quite close to the capital of Umbria. Part of the basin abuts on the Valdichiana area of the neighboring province Tuscany.

The lake is surrounded by low verdant hills and the landscape beauty cannot be explained by just words. The hill system rises to a lofty height of about 800 meters in the North. What is unique about this place Trasimeno is that on its water there are three islands named Polvese, Isola Maggiore and Isola Minore are located. Bordering the lake are these towns: Castiglione del Lago, Magione, Panicale, Passignano sul Trasimeno, and Tuoro sul Trasimeno. The fishing enthusiasts can have a great time when fishing trips are organized during especially August months in Umbria. Boating and kayaking are also common visitor's interests and mini cruises are common getaways along the lake.

A wide range of activities are on offer in this part of the world and no doubt you take back a world-full of experience from this small place. There are even surfboards that can be rented and rafting is also a favorite attraction offered by the lake. Massages and Jacuzzis in the mini cruises are becoming very popular these days. There is no place better than Trasimeno for such wonderful rejuvenating experiences.

Visit Museums

Before you plan your itinerary, you need to sculpt out some good time for museums here. One can spend an entire day going through only the museums. The first one to visit would be the National Gallery at Perugia. Inside the museum you can see the best of the Gothic paintings, including several of the masterpieces painted by Duccio di Boninsegna, Beato Angelico, and Piero della Francesca. They take you to a world of reality.

The next destination would be the National Archaeologic Museum of Umbria. This museum in Umbria houses the much praised and rich Etruscan collection of paintings and an art lover will go beyond words to describe the beauty of these collections. The third destination of interest is in the town of Assisi and this is the Basilica of San Francesco. This museum displays the world famous Giotto's frescoesthat show the life of the Saint in 28 paintings.

The next destination is to take a visit to the town of Spoleto where one can see the Gallery of Contemporary Art. The next will be a visit is to the small town of Gubbio where one can see the Civic Museum. This holds the famous "Eugubine tables" or the seven bronze plates, which are being preserved from second century B.C. The last stop would be at the Foligno where you can visit both the Archaeologic Museum as well as the Pinacoteca Civica. Museums of Italy will make one awe for the preservation of antiques as old as 2 Century B.C.

Visit Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

If you want to take a trip to places in Italy that are older than the ancient Rome, a visit to Monte Santa Maria Tiberina could be fulfilling one. As aforementioned, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is a real rural retreat and any visitor could get a lost feeling at least once when in Tiberina. The people of Tiberina are basically engaged in agriculture and it is a treat to see them in their typical attire and practices. Tiberina is set in the center of the exciting Umbrian countryside and it can be reached in about 1 hour. It is about 40 km northwest of Perugia and is a mere 18 km distance from the city of Citta di Castello.

At Monte Santa Maria Tiberina you understand the real meaning of relaxation (if you don't consider this as hyperbole) and enjoy peace surrounded by beautiful rustic scenery and soothing landscapes. The effect is so overwhelming that you do not feel like leaving the place and returning to your cramped hotel room. An added attraction and one that has spiritual overtones here in Tiberina is a visit to the church of Saint Mary. If you are a history lover you could also take a visit to a castle in the village that was built as long as the 16th century. Finally as you bid adieu to Tiberina, you feel all your tour to Italy is worth for a visit to this one small place; you will leave with a broad smile on your face.

Holidaying at Panicale can be a Memorable Experience

Panicale is town located on the hills of Umbria. It is a crisscrossed town by narrow lanes and enclosed in fortified walls. If there is any place with 100% authentic medieval character, in its structure and appearance, in Italy it can be none other than Panicale. Additionally, Panicale is one place where a tourist will be blessed to see a grandiose admixture of historical relics, art exhibits and architectural wonders. The architecture is one that takes a tourist past his expectations from this small town.

The civilization of the place also reflects so many of the medieval past that gives a feeling of reliving the medieval times for a tourist. A globetrotter had remarks "it took me quite a long time for me to come out of the hangover of visiting Panicale but nevertheless I still love being there." True to his remarks, several people expressed that they had a feel of living in the past again. What is even better is the fact that it is easily accessible from big towns as Perugia, Assisi and Orvieto.

More than anything else it is just a stone throw distance of 6 km from the much acclaimed wonderful Monte Santa Maria Tiberina. In Panicale you will be thrilled to no end with the rustic rural beauty that fills up your surrounding at each and every step. No doubt the place will receive great attention and will be highlighted by a hitchhiker as one of the must-visit places of Italy.


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