Shopping in Umbria

Shopping in Umbria

What do you like? From chocolates to wine, from jewellery to music, name it and you will get it. Your passion for art will allow you to explore Italian beauty through the handwork of an artist. You may visit Ars Color or Foto Lux, located in Perugia, to buy paintings and pictures.

Pick up local Italian music cds or Jazz music cds from Mipatrini or Musica Musica in Perugia. Italian handicrafts are worth praise. Never forget to take back an Italian handicraft with you as a memento to remember that you had once been to a little piece of Italian paradise.

Besides these indoor shops, never miss on the real charm of Umbrian outdoor shopping, which takes place yearly and monthly on special celebrations.

Shopping in Outdoor Markets

The historic center of Umbria, Spoleto, sets up a monthly shopping attraction for all. You will never leave empty handed whenever you go to Spoleto. It has an endless list of things that can just keep you say, “I want them all!”

Bastia, Piazza Mazzini of Umbria, hosts a huge market with over fifty vendors who sell inexpensive knick-knacks from ornaments to artifacts. If you’re looking for Italian ceramics and antique jewelry, Palazzo della Prefettura that is in Perugia is the right place to go, or visit Deruta Bella, where all ceramics are given hand-finished touch.

Sparkling Wine and Tempting Chocolates

If you shop in Umbria and forget the sparkling wine and tempting chocolates, then you have not had the taste of Umbria. Pick up a fine bottle of wine from Tenuta Poggio Del Lupo Winery, around Orvieto. Italians for sure have mastered the process of processing the finest wine in the world. Why miss that?

Hit the historic center of Perugia in October to live your chocolate fantasy at the ‘Euro-chocolate’ festival. What could be more tempting than a bar of dark and light chocolate with grounded nuts in them?

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