Getting Around Umbria

Getting Around Umbria

Getting Around Umbria on foot

There is a lot to explore in Umbria - A three days visit to Umbria is just not enough to discover everything on offer. Traveling around a city in Umbria could be little discouraging and confusing in the beginning. The meandering narrow streets with low archways and the steep slopes that symbolizes Etruscan town, could be misleading as well, but exploring these quaint streets and alleyways on foot is part of the appeal!

Buy a map of the town and explore the city like a true Umbrian on foot! You do not have to get on a public bus or hire a taxi to see what the ancient walls of the town that have been protected for years. However, in case you wish to travel from one town to another in Umbria, you will need to use public transportation for that.

Travelling Around Umbria by Bus

Traveling by buses is fun especially when you are in a group. A seventy-five minute drive will cost you in the region of one Euro. You may get tickets anywhere at an APM bus service information stop, a cigarette shop or local news stands. However, it is important to clarify your doubts and get the information you want before you get on to that bus.

Travelling Around Umbria by Taxi

If you are planning to take a cab, one thing you should always look for is TAXI on the vehicle. Do not allow anybody to mislead you, who claim to have a taxi with the sign on it. Nevertheless, you will not necessarily require a taxi. All the towns in Umbria are small. All you need to do is master the bus routes. Only if you are traveling from one town to another, take a bus or go by train, exploring the picturesque beauty of Umbria on your way. 

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