Priori Palace (Palazzo dei Priori)

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Priori Palace (Palazzo dei Priori)


Priori Palace was constructed during the height of the medieval age. The construction of the palace took more than 40 years and it happened in the years between 1298 and 1352.

A visitor coming to the palace will pass a huge entrance that leads to large staircase. The staircase leads to a grand hall or the Sala dei Notari as it is so called. There is a beautiful roofed arcade called loggia at this point. It has open sides and is as such built at an elevated level.

All the walls of the grand hall will showcase colorful and never seen frescoes painted by the renowned Italian artist Pietro Cavallini. During the bygone days, the same grand hall served as a meeting place for the Perguia's rich and the elite persons.

Priori Palace served as the seat of administration or what is termed Municipio and Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria. From the same palace were conducted all the legal, administrative and governmental functions. In fact the palace also served as a retreat for the popes and also a hiding place for them from the antipopes and other negative social elements.

Prior Palace is very well ventilated because of presence of many small windows. The gothic portal of Prior Palace is surmounted by several statues of Perugia's holy patrons namely, Sant'Ercolano, San Costanzo and San Lorenzo. Needless to say they gratify the beauty of the palace. The place attracts several world tourists every year and the number will only be increasing because majority of them are visiting it for the nth time also.

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