Duomo (Orvieto)

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Duomo (Orvieto)
Piazza del Duomo

This is regarded, as one of the great buildings of Italy and it is a cathedral church located in Orvieto. There is an interesting tale behind the construction of Duomo. It appears that in the year 1263 a Bohemian priest by name Fra' Bevignate da Perugia was returning home after paying a visit to Rome. He came to Orvieto and near it found a lake called Lake Bolsena. He stopped here to celebrate a holy mass.

He was aghast to find blood mysteriously soaking wafers and drenching his garments. When Pope Urban IV learnt of this, he had had the blood-soaked garment carried to Orvieto, and built the church in 1290 to commemorate the miracle he has seen. Incidentally, the same story is depicted on the walls of the rooms at the Vatican.

The Duomo has polychrome facade and sports delicately carved windows made of rosewood. Inside lying in concave niches one can see the busts and life-sized sculptures in marble sculpted in the gothic style. The cathedral has majestic interiors that boast of several columns with delicate tops. The interiors which are decked with beautiful frescoes depict several great wonders such as ‘end of the world’, ‘resurrection of the deads’ ‘the hell’ and ‘the paradise’ and these paintings take every visitor and viewer to an altogether different world. The beautiful gothic appearance of the Duomo cathedral awes one and all the tourists, and certainly it’s a worthy visiting attraction in Italy.  

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