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Assisi, Perugia


Castles hold a great attraction to the modern day tourists, not just because they are grand to look at in spite of the structural degradation brought on by time, but also because they transport you back to times when they played a major role in repelling several enemy attacks and withstood several cannon attacks.

One such castle worth paying visiting is located in Assisi. It is called The Rocca Maggiore. It was built in 1174 as a feudal castle. Emperor Frederick II of Swabia (1194 to 1250), of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, who was later the King of Germany, Italy, and Burgundy spent part of his childhood here.

Due to non-use the fort suffered gradual and natural deterioration but during the later half of the fourteenth century Cardinal Albornoz restored the Rocca Maggiore. The cardinal reinforced the castle with many buttresses.

Again, at the end of the fourteenth century the main tower donjon was fortified. In 1458 the then lord of Assisi, Jacopo Piccinino, added a 12-sided tower to the fort. Additionally, he built a connection between the castle and the Assisi with the help of a long curtain wall. In the following centuries as the castle was not required for defense purposes it was abandoned.

The Rocca Maggiore, fortunately, has now been restored. One can visit it and go through the several impressive rooms in it. Unfortunately, the castle is sometimes used as a hall for exhibitions and art shows unless there is stopping of such activities, The Rocca Maggiore cannot be as it is today and man can ruin a wonderful monument of the past.

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