Attractions in Umbria

There are many delightful attractions to explore and discover during your holiday to Umbria, Italy. We've listed a selection below or you can use the search facility at the bottom of the page.

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Assisi, Perugia,

Castles hold a great attraction to the modern day tourists, not just because they are grand to look at in spite of the structural degradation brought on by time, but also because...

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Basilica di San Francesco

Piazza Superiore di San Francesco, Assisi

One of the famed attractions of the city of Umbria is the Basilica di San Francesco or Roman Catholic Church that is devoted to Saint Francis of Assisi. It is located in Assisi. ...

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Church of San Pietro

Hill Peak, Assisi

Church of San Pietro is one church that is dedicated to Saint Benedict. It was built on Monte Calvario in the 10th century. Previously, from the 6th century onwards there was a...

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Duomo (Orvieto)

Piazza del Duomo, Orvieto

This is regarded, as one of the great buildings of Italy and it is a cathedral church located in Orvieto. There is an interesting tale behind the construction of Duomo. It appears...

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Priori Palace (Palazzo dei Priori)

, Umbria

Priori Palace was constructed during the height of the medieval age. The construction of the palace took more than 40 years and it happened in the years between 1298 and 1352. A...

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